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Love Never Dies

Reader Reviews: Love Never Dies - The Sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera"

User Rating 3 Star Rating

By Sally

My Review 

I haven't seen the show and really have no intention of seeing it. I bought and have listened to the sound track (which used to be called, more accurately a Cast Recording), and like a lot of the music, but for anyone who likes the original show a lot, the story and characters of Love Never Dies are unsatisfactory and some have been twisted and distorted to serve the less-than-wonderful story. The recordings are, by the way, rather outdated now since a number of changes have been made in the show since it opened.

Christine has lost the maturity she finally achieved at the end of the Phantom of the Opera and is back to being the easily manipulated person she was though much of the original show. Raoul is a drunk and a gambler---necessary so that Christine's preferring the Phantom to her husband doesn't look too bad. Recently, they have made changes to make the LND Phantom more "Phantomy," but he is more a moping romantic protagonist than the riveting character he was in the original show. Meg has prostituted herself to help the Phantom build his amusement park empire, has become obsessed with him, and ends up shooting her former best friend....Just not good. I think Lloyd Webber should have left well enough alone and written a show about something else.

The performances sound quite good, and probably the replacement performers will be of high quality when most or all of the principals leave in March, but when I come to London in the spring, I think I'll go see the Phantom of the Opera rather than Love Never Dies.

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Wade Bradford, About.com Plays/Drama, says:

Excellent review of the soundtrack and storyline. I completely agree with your criticism about the characters. (I can't believe what they did with poor Meg Giry!)

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