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Additional Plays to Read About


Just added--"Ruthless! The Musical," "High Dive," and "More from Story Theatre." Add these titles to "Ah, Wilderness," "The Good Doctor," "The Shadow Box," "The Good Times are Killing Me," "Story Theatre" and more. Click on the links below or go to the "Plays" tab to see all offerings.

Other Articles to Explore
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“Next!” An Improv Theatre Game

If you need a quick-paced improv exercise that is terrific for large groups and allows for participation by many players try “Next!”

“High Dive”

Audiences dive right into the play along with the actor on stage? How one playwright created a one-woman show with a supporting cast of 35.

"Ruthless! The Musical"

A two-act musical play that is an outrageous parody of Broadway musicals and plays and movies! And it has substantial roles for 8 females!

"More from Story Theatre"

Here's another collection of ten dramatized stories by Paul Sills - a follow-up piece to "Story Theatre" aptly titled "More from Story Theatre."

"Ah, Wilderness!"

The prolific playwright Eugene O'Neill, known for his tragedies, wrote one lighthearted play subtitled “A Comedy of Recollection in Three Acts.”

"The Shadow Box"

An uplifting (and even funny at times) play about three terminally ill patients and their loved ones coming to grips with death? Try "The Shadow Box."

"The Good Doctor"

For a strong sense of author Anton Chekhov’s take on the human condition via playwright Neil Simon’s wit and pithy dialogue, try "The Good Doctor."

"The Good Times are Killing Me"

If you are looking for a compelling play for a young mixed-race cast, you may want to take a look at "The Good Times are Killing Me" by Lynda Barry.

"Story Theatre": The Play

Story Theatre by Paul Sills is a full-length play with music, adapted from fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm and a few of Aesop’s fables.

Process Drama: Teacher-in-Role

Change the nature of your interactions with students by playing a role and you may just increase their engagement in lessons dramatically!

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