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Learn about the lives and struggles of the world's most brilliant dramatists. Each profile offers a comprehensive biography and an overview of the playwright's career.
  1. Aeschylus (3)
  2. Albee, Edward (3)
  3. Aristophanes (3)
  4. Ayckbourn, Alan (3)
  5. Barrie, James Matthew (3)
  6. Brecht, Bertolt (3)
  7. Chekhov, Anton (5)
  8. Christie, Agatha (3)
  9. Gibson, William (3)
  10. Hellman, Lillian (3)
  11. Ibsen, Henrik (4)
  12. Mamet, David (3)
  13. Miller, Arthur (4)
  14. Pinter, Harold (3)
  15. Shanley, John Patrick (2)
  16. Shaw, George Bernard (5)
  17. Sophocles (4)
  18. Wilde, Oscar (4)
  19. Williams, Tennessee (3)
  20. Wilson, August (3)

Susan Glaspell - Biography of "Trifles" Author
Is Trifles of Tragedy? Or a feminist play? What is the moral of Trifles? Learn more about the play by reading the biography of playwright Susan Glaspell.

Playwright Profile: Tony Kushner
A p[rofile of playwright Tony Kushner, author of the screenplay for Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" and the 1990s AIDS drama, Angels in America.

Playwright Profile: Scott Haan
Profile of playwright Scott Haan, writer of community theater shows, children's plays, and plays for teen actors.

Profile of playwright Christian Kiley, author of "The Art of Rejection" and...
Profile of playwright Christian Kiley, author of "The Art of Rejection" and "Strings Attached."

Playwright Profile: Bradley Hayward
Profile of playwright Bradley Hayward, author of Drama Geeks, Loons, and I Don't Want to Talk About It.

Playwright Profile: Bobby Keniston
Interview with playwright Bobby Keniston, author of "My Prom Date was a Felon."

The Best of William Shakespeare
What is your favorite Shakespeare play? Isn't easy to list the Top Ten plays of William Shakespeare, but I offer you my not-so-humble opinion about the best plays by Shakespeare.

"Ah, Wilderness!"

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