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Information on plays, playwrights, and musicals, including study guides and learning activities.
  1. Plays by Title
  2. One Act Plays for School Groups
  3. Musicals
  1. Scenes for Acting Practice
  2. Study Guides - Themes, Characters, and Plot Summaries
  3. Playwrights

Plays by Title

Browse through our ever growing list of plays. Students will find study guides, plot summaries, character information, and essay tips. Instructors can utilize the educational resources, biographical articles, and production advice from directors / drama teachers.

One Act Plays for School Groups

Information on plays that work well with young actors


Who needs tragedy when you can have tap dancing? Discover the whimsy and wonder of American and British musicals.

Scenes for Acting Practice

Sources of scenes from new plays and familiar plays for classroom use by student actors.

Study Guides - Themes, Characters, and Plot Summaries

A deeper analysis of the masterpieces of drama. Each study guide provides a unique insight into the play, giving students an edge and actors a fresh perspective.


Discover the struggles and triumphs of playwrights throughout the ages.

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