1. Education

History of the Stage

This page summarizes and analyzes the vital moments throughout the history of drama. Inspect the roots and branches of the performing arts. Discover how the past has shaped present day plays.
  1. Medieval Drama

Victorian Monologues
Analysis of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's influence on poetry and dramatic monologues of the Victoria Age.

Theater in Ancient Rome
What were roman plays like in ancient times? Who were the greatest Roman playwrights? How were plays in Rome different from plays in Ancient Greece?

Overview of Greek Theater
N.S. Gill, your Guide to Ancient History, provides a thorough analysis of Greek theater, detailing the roots of the dramatic arts. Explore the greatest playwrights of the ancient world. Discover the origin of both tragedy and comedy.

Shakespeare's Lifetime
An annotated summary of the key events surrounding Shakespeare's life and work.

Commedia Dell'Arte: The Italian Comedy
A delightfully silly theatrical style developed in 16th century Italy.

PBS: The American Musical
Based off of the PBS documentary, this supplemental website offers lots of resources for students, teachers, and fans of Broadway's past and present.

History of Greek Theater
History of Greek Theater - Drama in Ancient Greece - A Study Guide to the Origins of Theater: How did theater begins? Who was Thespis? What he the first actor? What is a Greek Chorus? This article details the origins of Greek Theater and drama during the Golden Age of Athens.

History of Comedy in Ancient Greece
History of Comedy in Ancient Greece - Overview of Satire in Greek Theater - Learn about the early comedies by Euripides and Aristophanes.

"The Shadow Box"
An uplifting (and even funny at times) play about three terminally ill patients and their loved ones coming to grips with death? Try "The Shadow Box."

"Ah, Wilderness!"

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