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Theatre Basics


Resources for students and teachers, including acting tips, exercises, theatre etiquette, and facts about many aspects of theatre.
  1. Acting Resources
  2. Backstage Business
  3. Audience Etiquette
  1. Monologues and Scenes
  2. Resources for Drama Teachers
  3. Study Guides for Classic Plays

Acting Resources

Theater Photo by Nicki Riggs

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a first-year drama teacher, or a young actress auditioning for a small part in your local community theater, these tools will enhance your theatrical experience.

Backstage Business


Theatre happens because of a multitude of collaborators. Watch this section for articles about the behind-the-scenes jobs and workers. 

Audience Etiquette


Guidelines for attending live theatre 

Monologues and Scenes

Looking for free monologues, scenes and one-act plays? You've come to the right place. Explore our ever-growing library of dramatic and comedic monologues.

Resources for Drama Teachers

Children's Theater (Amber Raskin)

These exercises will energize actors and drama students. Directors and instructors can use these resources to get the most of their rehearsals.

Study Guides for Classic Plays

Taking an English course? If so, there's a good chance your professor will assign a play or two. Don't worry! With a little help from our ever-growing library of study resources, you'll be astounding your teacher in no time.

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