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Doll's House, A

Explore the characters, themes, and story lines of "A Doll's House."

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Mrs. Kristine Linde
This somber, lonely friend of Nora seems like a minor character at first. Yet, she helps to shift the conflict of the play by "taming" Krogstad, the initial antagonist.

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Nils Krogstad
Although he can be downright diabolical, Nils Krogstad from "A Doll’s House" does not have the same passion for evil as your typical bad guy. He seems ruthless at first, but experiences a change of heart early on in Act Three. The audience is then left to wonder: Is Krogstad a villain? Or is he ultimately a decent guy?

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Dr. Rank
Analyze the fascinating nuances of this often overlooked character from Ibsen's masterpiece, "A Doll's House."

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Torvald Helmer
An in-depth look at the well-meaning yet antagonistic husband, Toravld Helmer, from Ibsen's "A Doll's House."

Nora Helmer
Nora Helmer, the complex protagonist of Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House", still generates controversy and discussion.

A Doll's House: Plot Summary
"A Doll's House", by Henrik Ibsen, is a three act play about a seemingly typical housewife who becomes disillusioned and dissatisfied with her condescending husband.

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