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Drama Activities

Welcome to the land of Improv, where anything can happen and everything does. Discover theatre games, improvisational techniques, and friendly ice-breaker activities.
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Advice for Drama Teachers - Rehearsal Activities
Advice for drama teachers and directors working with a large cast. A reader asks: Any suggestions for what I can get those with smaller parts to do while they are not on stage? They are really struggling with just watching the rehearsals (when not involved), and since it's a class, I feel I should be making them do something, since they are also getting a credit for the course. I'm just not sure…

Developing Characters: Non-Human and Animal Characters
Acting like an animal helps younger drama students to physically assume different poses, not to mention adopt different perspectives. This article offers several tips and activities to help drama students develop non-human characters.

Musical Theater Exercises
Music themed drama games and activities.

A - Z Enunciation Exercises
Getting ready to make a speech? Preparing for your audition? Moments away from walking on stage for the first time? Use these enunciation exercises to practice elocution. This A to Z list of tongue twisters will develop your enunciation ability.

Drama Activities for the Classroom
A cohesive list of drama activities, for theater students, acting troupes, summer camp programs, or party-goers.

Ice Breaker Activity -- "Create a Commercial"
A terrific activity that can work great for drama students, and any class that involves writing or public speaking. Ideal for a large group of 18 and 30 participants. This ice breaker activity creates a fun and productive classroom environment, and helps students learn about advertising and persuasive writing.

Warm Up Activity: Emotion Orchestra
An excellent warm-up activity that gets performers to vocalize, emote, and pay attention.

Ice Breakers: Circle Games
These improvisation activities are designed to warm up actors and drama students. Participants form a circle and then the games begin. Each activity helps students and performers become more comfortable. It's also a great activity for learning names.

Creative Drama: Education Resourses
"Creative Drama" is a guide for instructors. Find out how to use theater activities to liven up any classroom.

Improv Locations
Improv Locations - Setting Ideas for Improvisation and Sketch Comedy

Open Scenes, Continued

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