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Themed Plays

A collection of different themed plays - seasonal plays, comedy plays, holiday plays, fantasy plays, mystery plays. Different genres, events and themes.

Top Ten Tragedies
A list of the saddest plays ever written, including: Night Mother, Oedipus the King, Wit by Margaret Edson, and Death of a Salesman.

Tragedies and Tearjerkers - Top Ten Saddest Plays
Tragedies and Tearjerkers - Top Ten Saddest Plays

Murder Mystery Comedies
The Best Murder Mystery Comedies ever! The 39 Steps, The Murder Room, the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

Christmas Plays and Holiday Skits
Find information about free Christmas plays, seasonal skits and holiday classics such as "It's a Wonderful Life," "A Christmas Carol," and "A Christmas Story" - stage adaptations of Christmas classics.

Suspense Thrillers
Five of the best on-stage thrillers. Unlike mysteries in which the audience searches for clues to figure out “whodunit,” thrillers let viewers know who the bad guys are in advance. Then, the audience spends the rest of the play on the edge of their proverbial seats, who will win: the evil doer or the innocent victim?

Seriously Spooky Scripts
Most Halloween productions are playful spoofs of worn out movie monsters. Although campy shows are a blast, there is nothing quite like getting creeped out by a diabolically bone-chilling play. It is an immense challenge for a playwright to generate true fear within the audience. These monstrous masterpieces rise to the occasion.

Fantasy Plays
Fantasy has long since delighted young and old alike. Although this very visual genre offers a great many challenges to a director, it can be a very fulfilling experience to both the audience and the artists.

Musicals with Mother Characters
The top five mother-friendly musicals.

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