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Stage Craft

For a director, every play generates new challenges as well as creative opportunities. Learn how to cast a show, block a script, motivate actors, and put together a terrific show. Also, find valuable resources to the many technical aspects of the stage.

Books About the Theatre - Reader Reviews
Review a Theatre Book - Share Your Opinions About Theater-Related BooksSee submissions

The Role of the Stage Manager
A professional stage manager discusses the challenges of rehearsal and performances.

Tips for Lighting Design
From Harvard's Theater Department website, this list of quick tips provides expert advice for anyone interested in lighting up the stage -- literally!

Costume Design
University of Alaska's Dr. Tara Maginnis has compiled a vast array of instruction and advice in this guide to theatrical costumes.

Stage Makeup Basics
A comprehensive makeup guide for actors and actresses of the stage.

Stage Combat Resources
An extensive collection of valuable resources. Ideal for any actor who plans to take a punch, swing a sword, or just create organized mayhem on the stage.

12 Costume Shop Survival Tips for Actors
Actors who want costumes that work well on stage should know how to work well with the people who make them.

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