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Robert Browning Dramatic Monologues

Dramatic monologues by poet / playwright Robert Browning.

Analysis of "My Last Duchess"
An analysis of Robert Browning's poem, a dramatic monologue "My Last Duchess." What happens in My Last Duchess? Poem summary and study guide.

"My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning - Dramatic Monologue
This sinister monologue is delivered by the Duke of Ferrara. During the scene, he shows the portrait of his late wife to a visitor. As he talks about the sweet, young Duchess, the audience learns that the Duke had her executed simply because she smiled at others.

"Porphyria's Lover" - Dramatic Monologue by Robert Browning
This highly disturbing and violent poem is spoken from the point of view of a murderer. When his ladylove, Porphyria, confesses her love, the narrator strangles her with her own hair in order to preserve their “happiest moment.” Sick, twisted, and diabolically eloquent!

"Home Thoughts, From Abroad" - Dramatic Monologue by Robert Browning
In this dramatic monologue, the travel-weary speaker of the poem nostalgically describes his/her home in England and the natural beauty surrounding it.

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