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Playwriting Contests

Month-by-month annotated lists of playwriting contests.

October Playwriting Contests
October playwriting contests, and a concise listing of grants and fellowships for writers.

September Playwriting Contests
List of opportunities for playwrights, theater performers, musical composers.

August Playwriting Contests
List of playwriting contests for the month of August. Includes: BMI Workshop, Kennedy Center's New Visions, and the Yale Drama Series.

July Playwriting Contests
A list of playwriting contests for the month of July.

May Playwriting Contests

During the month of may, most folks are out enjoying the fine weather. Not playwrights! They busy their lives away in front of their computer, or spend their days up in the attic with a parchment of paper, dipping a quill in a bottle of ink.

And why do they do it? So they can submit their dramatic literature to playwriting competitions and be discovered! Well, it's the perfect mo…

April Playwriting Contests
<p> April is filled with lots of writing opportunities for dramatists. Best of luck to all who enter their work!</p><p>

March Playwriting Contests
<p> March brings not only spring but many great opportunities for up-and-coming writers. </p><p>

February Playwriting Contests
A list of playwriting contests for the month of February.

November Playwriting Contests
Ah, Thanksgiving season! Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Elementary school Pilgrim plays. What better time of year to enter a playwriting competition. Do it now, before the trytophan kicks in!

December Playwriting Contests
If your dusty old 2007 New Year's Resolution was to become a successful new playwright, you've got one more month left to make that happen! This month's contests feature many ways to creatively and culturally express your theatrical ideas.

January Play Contests
Start the New Year off by sharing your dramatic arts with the rest of the world. Check out these compelling playwriting competitions.

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