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Playwriting Business

Hundreds of theaters seek new playwrights every season. Shouldn't you be one of them? Find out how to create and market your own play.
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Betsy Franco - 21 Monologues for Teen Actors
Interview with Betsy Franco - Author of 21 Monologues for Teen Actors: The famed picture book author and mother of actor James Franco presents 21 new monologues for young performers.

Dramatists Play Service - Play Publishing Company
A concise review of Dramatists Play Service, a play publishing company that specializes in popular, award winning shows -- many of which have been performed on Broadway.

Deus Ex Machina: The Lazy Writer's Guide to Conclusions
In greek drama, playwrights often ended the play with a god or goddess floating down to the stage, solving all of the characters' problems. This became known as deus ex machina.

Samuel French Inc.
Samuel French has been publishing and marketing plays since 1830. They are the definitive resource for stage plays and drama instruction books.

Tips for Writing Children's Plays

This is a near-and-dear subject for me. Over the past ten years, I have written many plays for children. I highly recommend this emotionally rewarding writing experience. To start you on your journey into youth theatre writing, I humbly offer the following advice:

Choose the Right Setting for Your Play
Oftentimes, aspiring playwrights make the mistake of creating plays with vague, uninteresting settings. Or, they do the opposite and write a play that has so many different settings that it might prove impossible to produce.

How to Format a Stage Play
This useful and insightful website helps aspiring playwrights create a properly formatted play.

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