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Time Trippers - Funny Script for Child Actors


Time Trippers - Funny Script for Child Actors

Time Trippers

Wade Bradford and John Medlen

Looking for a fun sketch for your grade school students? Time Trippers is a short film script that can easily be adapted into a play. It is written by Wade Bradford, and is the basis of a new kid-friendly web-series, directed by John Medlen. (You can check out the first episode on You Tube!)

TEACHER VOICE: Say goodbye to the 28th century, children.

The scene takes place in your average suburban neighborhood. The sun is shining. A stray shopping cart is in the background.

TEACHER VOICE: And say hello to the primitive world of 2013.

Five children and one floating "Teacher Ball" twirl into the scene. They are two boys and three girls. Each wear a uniform of a similar style (again reminiscent of old school Star Trek episodes) and the different colors of uniform delineate the abilities of each child.

Jr. Lt. Sparr (dressed in a blue uniform) is the leader of the kids. She is brave, often stubborn, sometimes over confident.

Jr. Science Officer Krendel (dressed in green) is the only alien in the group. (Make up/budget will determine whether its pointy ears or some other slight difference from humans.) She is eternally curious, and always scientific.

Jr. Corporal Fergus (dressed in orange) is the mechanic of the group; he's also the slob. His shirt is untucked.

Jr. Srg. Jinx (dressed in pink? Blue?) is one of the shortest, cutest members, but she's actually very tough, and skilled in the art of combat.

Jr. Cadet Gimble (dressed in red): the newest and most timid of the group. He hasn't found his special abilities yet.

The floating ball (which should simply be a large plastic toy ball on a string on a pole, held by someone either off stage, or dressed on in black) is the school teacher who is in charge of this field trip through time.

They look around, amazed.

FERGUS: Wow, this place is so...

JINX: Ugly.

FERGUS: And boring.

GIMBLE: (Pointing off stage.) Guys, look over there! Their vehicles don't float.

BALL: Jr. Cadet Gimble, do not leave the group. I have told you before.

GIMBLE: Yes, Teacher Ball.

KRENDEL: I think the past of your world looks beautiful.

SPARR: No offense, Krendel, but that's because you're the only non-human in the group. Earth is still new to you. But for us, all we ever do is go on these boring field trips to these boring places in the past.

BALL: Jr. Science Officer Krendel -- hand the Transender Device to Jr. Lt. Sparr. She is the highest ranking student here, so she will be in command.

SPARR: Yes, Teacher Ball. All right, trippers, you know how this works. Stay together. Touch nothing. Only observe. Did you hear me?

FERGUS is shaking a jump rope.

FERGUS: What is this thing?

SPARR: Stay focused! Get into formation, people. The sooner we study this backwater civilization, the sooner we can return to home sweet home.

Musical sequence: The children walk down the sidewalk, observing the many strange sights and people around them. They are not impressed with any of the technology. They even start to point and laugh at some of the 21st century inhabitants. (Except Krendel -- she always seems polite.)

They arrive at an open field, a park.

GIMBLE: (Pointing at a passing scooter or bicycle.) Look, even the children ride on wheels here. Where are the hover bikes?

SPARR: Gimble, the people of 2013 still obey the laws of gravity.

GIMBLE: What are the laws of gravity?

JINX: I'll show you.

Jinx trips Gimble, knocking him to the ground, perhaps behind a bush or some other obstacle.

SPARR: Jr. Srg. Jinx!

JINX: Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Not even looking at him, Jinx pushes Gimble's face down just as the poor boy tries to get up.

Sound effect: A dog barks.

Fergus and Krendel examine a barking dog who is on a leash (or a stuffed animal dog held by a pet owner).

FERGUS: He's tied up like a Plutonian criminal.

KRENDEL: Fear not, my brother. Your people will be free one day.

BALL: Oh dear! Don't look children!

The kids run to Teacher Ball.

SPARR: What's wrong?!

BALL: It's too tragic to watch!

They watch in horror as a group of kids enter playing basketball.

BALL: Such a terrible way to treat a ball!

KRENDEL: Jr. Lieutenant, perhaps the 21st century is more barbaric than we realized.

FERGUS: Think we should cut this field trip short?

SPARR: Well, we've observed their pathetic technology and their crude archaic culture, what else is there to see?


They all look to see a gloriously fun playground. Kids their age and younger are playing with toys, boucing balls, and having a great time.

JINX: What are they doing?

KENDREL: Look at that girl!

FERGUS: She's holding that snake I found!

A girl skips with her jump rope. She shouts: "Wheee!"

KENDREL: She screams in fear!

GIRL: It's not scary. It's fun!

To Be Continued...

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