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The Little Mermaid - Scene Six (Part Two)


The following adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" is written by Wade Bradford.

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WITCH: Of course, there's a catch. You are old enough to know, little mermaid, that nothing in the sea comes for free.

KIRA: What do you want?

WITCH: Moi? Oh, there's only a few things, really. Treasure. Power. Vengeance against the ones who cursed me, who made me into an outcast. Sheer domination over the oceans, the lands, and the sky! Hahahahaha! (Sudden change.) But it isn't about what I want. This is a gift exchange. This kind of magic spell only works if you are willing to give up a part of yourself in order to gain something new. You want legs. What will you exchange for them?

KIRA: My tail?

WITCH: No, it doesn't work that way. The tail transforms. It doesn't just disappear.

JELLYFISH #2: How about her hair?

JELLYFISH #1: I think she'd look good bald.

JELLYFISH #2: Or what about her nose?

JELLYFISH #1: Or one eyeball. You got two of them.

JELLYFISH #2: Or her tongue!

KIRA: I don't want to give up any of those things! If I lost my hair, why, I wouldn't look so... So...

WITCH: You can say it. You wouldn't look so beautiful, would you? Ah, so vain. A missing nose or an eyeball would ruin that pretty face of yours. But what about a tongue? That wouldn't be so bad. What do you think?

KIRA: I - I'm speechless.

WITCH: Good, get used to it!

KID: Stop, stop! You can't give up your tongue. then you wouldn't be able to talk, or laugh, or eat, or sing!

WITCH: I've heard her singing, she could do without it.

KIRA: Hey, that's mean!

WITCH: Well, I am evil. (Signals to the Jellyfish to take the Crab/Kid off stage.) Perhaps cutting out the tongue is bit too violent, and I wouldn't want to deprive you of tasting all of those delicacies you'll find on dry land. But what if you gave up your voice?

KIRA: But I want to find the prince and--

WITCH: Ah, yes, the loathsome yet handsome human you fell in love with after spending three minutes together. You don't need to speak to a man to get him to like you. In fact, he'll be happy to do all of the talking. And you seem like a smart girl, I am confident you will find other ways to communicate. Besides the missing voice is only temporary.

KIRA: What do you mean?

WITCH: Exchanging your voice will buy you three days to be a human. After that, you'll need something more powerful to make the spell last permanently. You need a human heart.

KIRA: What?!

WITCH: What I mean, of course, is that you need to win the heart of a human. You must make the man you love fall in love with you. If you can capture his heart, the magic spell will be complete, and you may stay a human forever. And you even get your lovely voice returned, free of charge.

KIRA: What happens if I don't win his heart?

WITCH: Then, things get messy. If you have failed in your quest, when the sun sets upon the third day, you will transform again--

KIRA: Back into a mermaid?

WITCH: No. You will turn into sea foam, bit by bit, until there is nothing left of you. (Kira is frightened. The Witch studies her for a moment.) I can tell by that look of fear that you are not up to this task. Perhaps it would be best if you returned home to your beloved father. I am certain he will take good care of you.

BARON: Yoo-hoo! Little Mermaid? (Kira hides behind the Sea Witch.) Are you hiding from me? I am looking for you, my bride to be! (Exits.)

WITCH: Have you changed your mind?

KIRA: I'm afraid.

WITCH: Don't be. I will make certain you have every opportunity to win his heart. I won't fail you.

KIRA: I don't understand; why do you want to help me?

WITCH: Because helping you means that I am hurting someone who hurt me a long time ago. But enough about my petty quarrels. Do we have a bargain?

KIRA: We do.

WITCH: Then use your voice one last time. Sing into the sea shell while I work my magic.

MUSIC CUE: Kira sings into a shell while dramatic music plays. The Witch gestures, casting a spell. Actors move sheets in front of Kira, allowing her to transform. Note: strobe lights might help this sequence.

As the music becomes frenzied, the sea witch begins to laugh. At the climactic moment of the music, we see Kira's shadow behind the sheet. She is now a human.


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