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The Little Mermaid - Scene Six (Part One)

(End of Scene Five, Beginning of Scene Six.)


"The Little Mermaid" is a children's play written by Wade Bradford, adapted from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Read the previous scene of this play.

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Scene Five, Continued:

KIRA: You would have me marry someone I do not love?

KING: To keep you safe, yes!

KEIKO: King! Your highness, there is a fish who needs your assistance -- his mouth has been hooked.

KIRA: Oh, poor Flip!

KING: More mayhem caused by those humans. (Exits.)

KIRA: Will he be all right?

KEIKO: Flip and Flop are fine. They told me how you rescued them -- and that one of the human's was actually kind.

KIRA: My father is forcing me to marry --

KEIKO: Baron von Fishhead. I heard.

KIRA: Then you know that I must go.

KEIKO: But where?

KIRA: I don't know. Some place where I can be free to make my own choices... Goodbye, sweet cousin... I don't know if we shall ever meet again. (Rushes away.)

KEIKO: Wait... I forgot to tell you about this note your father found... About a human prince who wants to meet a mermaid... (She reads over the note, wondering. Lights fade.)

Scene Six:

Creepy music plays. This is a dark part of the ocean.

Jellyfish #1 and #2 float across the stage. Like the costumes of Flip and Flop, these costumes focus on the puppet like head-piece. The rest of the actors' attire can be black clothing.

JELLYFISH #1: Greetings, my evil jellyfish brother.

JELLYFISH #2: Welcome back to the abyss brother.

JELLYFISH #1: Any word from the Sea Witch?

JELLYFISH #2: She has commanded us to wait here.

JELLYFISH #1: Wait here?

JELLYFISH #2: Wait here.

JELLYFISH #1: What shall we do while we wait?

JELLYFISH #2: I could tell a joke.

(Insert knock-knock joke.)


KIRA: Hello?

JELLYFISH (Both): Princess Kira!

KIRA: You know who I am?

JELLYFISH #1: All who live beneath the ocean waves know who you are.

KIRA: And that is my problem. I'm trying to start a new life, but everywhere I go, people know my name.

KID: Princess Kira!

JELLYFISH #1: I see what you mean.

KID: Princess, the king has been looking for you. He's been threatening to turn me into crab salad if I don't bring you back to the castle, so get your mermaid tail in gear and start swimming.

KIRA: I'm not going back, little crab! So why don't you just scurry back to your home!

KID: I'm not a little crab! I should have arms and legs! I used to be a normal human kid!

KIRA: Oh my goodness! You've been enchanted! You transformed from a land dwelling creature into a sea creature? Is it possible to do the reverse? Could I visit your world beyond the ocean?

KID: I don't know.

JELLYFISH #2: The Sea Witch would know...

JELLYFISH #1: Indeed. The Sea Witch has the power to grant such a wish...

JELLYFISH #2: For a price.

KIRA: The Sea Witch? Is she here? Come on, little one, we better leave. My sisters have told me all about the dangers of the Sea Witch. She is cruel and wicked, and not someone who could help either of us. We must leave at once!

JELLYFISH #1: You needn't be afraid. the Sea Witch is not as dreadful as the rumors you'e heard.

JELLYFISH #2: Oh no. She's much worse.

JELLYFISH #1: But she isn't here now. We have been waiting for her to return.

WITCH: (Voice Off stage?) And return I have...

The Sea Witch enters, center stage. She is played by Aunt Lottie, except now she

WITCH: Greetings, Princess. Such an honor to see you at my end of the tide pool.

KIRA: (To Kid.) She looks frightening.

KID: She looks familiar.

WITCH: I hope you weren't planning to leave so soon. Not before I have offered you my special brand of hospitality. My Jellyfish Butlers will tend to your every need.

KIRA: That's very kind of you, but we must be going.

WITCH: Very well, if you must, but at least let me exchange a parting gift.

KIRA: No, there's nothing I want except to go home right away.

WITCH: Foolish me. I could have sworn you wanted your freedom. A chance to find true love on your own terms. A chance to journey into the world of humans.

KIRA: How is that possible?

WITCH: By magic of course.

KIRA: Dark magic?

WITCH: That's the most exciting kind, and its the only kind transform that fishy tail of yours into a pair of human legs.

KIRA: I could become human?

WITCH: Absolutely.

KIRA: But then, I could never see my sisters my father again.

WITCH: Precisely. And you'd never be forced to marry Baron von Fishhead. You could grab your own life by the gills, and do what is best for you.

KID: Don't do it, Kira, there's always a catch!

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