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The Little Mermaid - Act Two, Scene Two


"The Little Mermaid" is a free-to-use play written by Wade Bradford, adapted from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. "The Little Mermaid" may be used, free of charge, by educational institutions and non-profit organizations. (Note: Professional theaters and for-profit corporations should contact the playwright for information regarding use of this script. Read the playwright's bio page.)

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What Has Happened So Far:

During Act One of "The Little Mermaid," an Irish washerwoman named Lottie tells her grand niece a story about sailors searching for the unknown. As the story continues, the kid gets wrapped up the tale, becoming part of this retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen classic. Prince Kira, a mermaid, wants to visit dry land, but must wait until she comes of age. However, promted by a storm and a shipwreck, she rescues a human prince. When he father discovers that she has interacted with humans, he decided to marry her off to a fish-headed baron. Rebelling against her father, she visits the Sea Witch where she trades her voice in for human legs. Act Two begins with Kira encountering the Prince and his sidekick servant, Latchkey. It becomes apparent that the Prince is not really romantically interested in Kira. However, Latchkey is quite fond of her. Scene Two of the second act is a quick little vignette (which is why I have taken some extra time to provide this re-cap) which takes place back under the sea. Keiko, the Little Mermaid's cousin, tries to find Kira. At the same time, the Sea Witch is trying to obtain information about Kira.

Scene Two - Two Different Parts of the Ocean. Flip the Fish speaks to Keiko, while on the other side of the stage, the Jellyfish talks to the Sea Witch.

(During the darkness, we hear the voice of the King, calling out for "Kira! Kira! Where are you, my daughter? Please forgive me! Search the kingdom, someone must find her!")

FISH #1: Keiko! Keiko! I found her!

JELLYFISH: Madame Seawitch! Madame Seawitch! I found her!

KEIKO: Thank goodness you swam so swiftly!

WITCH: What took you so long?!

FISH and JELLYFISH: I swam up the river.

FISH: The fresh water was breathtaking!

JELLYFISH: It got a headache, and I don't even have a brain.

KEIKO: I would love to hear more about it--

WITCH: Quit babbling and tell me--

KEIKO and WITCH: Has she met the Prince yet?

FISH and JELLYFISH: Yes. He hopes to marry her!

KEIKO: They must be falling in love!

WITCH: They can't be falling in love!

KEIKO: Wait a moment--

WITCH: Did you hear someone?

KEIKO: I think someone has been eavesdropping on us.

WITCH: Someone is spying on us, right through that curtain of kelp.

Stealthily, they both creep up to the curtain. They simultaneously jump to the other side, where they see each others minion.


KEIKO: Why hello there, little jellyfish.

WITCH: What are you doing here, you puny little mackerel?

KEIKO and WITCH: Are you alone?


FISH: Just out for a swim, all by myself.

JELLYFISH: Just floating around, with no evil plans whatsoever.

WITCH: Are you friends with that nosy mermaid Keiko?

FISH: Um... No. I hate mermaids.

KEIKO: Do you work for the wicked Sea Witch?


WITCH: That's good to hear!

KEIKO: That's horrible!

They rush back to their side of the seaweed curtain.

KEIKO: Flip, I just met an evil jellyfish!

FISH: I just saw the wicked sea witch!

WITCH: It was just a foolish fish.

JELLYFISH: It was just a mermaid named Keiko.

WITCH: Keiko, that's Kira's cousin! Why, she'll ruin everything! We can't allow her to warn the Little Mermaid!

KEIKO: Oh dear, the witch is up to something. We've got to warn my cousin. (Exits quickly.)

JELLYFISH: They're gone!

WITCH: Excellent, then everything is going according to my plan. (Wringing her hands together, she lets loose a devious laugh. Dramatic music plays, and the lights shift as the scene changes...)

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