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Resources and information about one act plays and two-person scenes.
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  5. The Little Mermaid - Play (20)

"The Santa Interviews" - Part One by Wade Bradford
Looking for a free Christmas play for kids? Or a seasonal comedy that could be performed by adults? "The Santa Interviews" is a fun ten minute holiday skit perfect for schools, theater groups, and homeschool communities. It can be performed by kids, teens, and/or adults.

"The Santa Interviews" Part Two by Wade Bradford
The second part of Wade Bradford's holiday play, "The Santa Interviews." Schools and non-profit organizations may use this play for educational purposes.

"The Santa Interviews" Part Three by Wade Bradford
This is the third and final part of "The Santa Interviews" by Wade Bradford. This play may be used (free of charge) by schools, churches, charities, community theaters and other non-profit organizations. Although the playwright does not ask for any monetary compensation, he does have one request: If you use this play as a director, teacher, cast, or crew member, do a good deed. Just go do something nice for someone, that's all. Happy holidays!

Time Trippers - Funny Script for Child Actors
Time Trippers is written by Wade Bradford. The following script was adapted into a short web series by Wade Bradford and John Medlen.

Three Person Scene from "Curse of the Pharaoh's Kiss"
A scene from "Curse of the Pharaoh's Kiss" featuring a funny monologue for actresses. This is a free two person scene from a comedy script written by wade Bradford.

Back to the Summer (Act One)
"Back to the Summer" is a free-to-use play written by Wade Bradford. Schools and non-profit organizations may perform this work without paying any royalties.

"Terri and the Turkey" - Thanksgiving Day Play
In this short Thanksgiving play, a young girl saves the life of a Thanksgiving turkey. A family-friendly Thanksgiving skit.

12 Angry Pigs - Original Ten Minute Play
Free one act play, free for students and drama clubs to use. This comedic parody of "Twelve Angry Men" is about a jury of pigs who must decide on the guilt or innocence of the so-called Big Bad Wolf.

Free One Act Plays
Attention drama teachers, directors and theater students! Looking for royalty-free One Act plays, scenes, comedies, and dramas? This annotated list will steer you towards that perfect play for your cast and/or classroom.

"Cinema Limbo" - Two Person Scene - Ten Minute Play
This free ten-minute play is a comic, two person exchange between two movie theater employees. It is a short play by Wade Bradford, and it can be used, free of charge, for educational purposes and amateur productions.

"Impressions of the Yesterday" - Free One Act about the Impressionism
Free One Act Play - "Impressions of Yesterday." A play about impressionist painters. Two modern day sisters discover an old trunk which is magically connected to Paris during the turn of the 19th century. Out of the suitcase famous painters emerge, such as Mary Cassat, Degas, Monet, and Manet. The sisters learn about each person’s life and their artistic genius.

Comic Female Scene from Shaw's "Pygmalion"
A terrific comedy scene for female performers. In perhaps the funniest scene of the play, Liza has been trained how to speak the “Queen’s English.” Although she pronounces things perfectly, she still chooses “lower class” words.

Comic 4 Person Scene from Shaw's "Pygmalion" ("My Fair Lady")
A comic scene between Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins from the play "Pygmalion" (and its musical adaptation "My Fair Lady").

Scene from "Man and Superman" (Act Four)
Two person scene from George Bernard Shaw's "Man and Superman." Ann Whitefield and Jack Tanner argue over whether or not they will be married.

Angry Pigs Handout
Angry Pigs Handout

The Actor Games
The first scene to "The Actor Games," a parody of the Hunger Games, part of a larger one act play, written by Wade Bradford.

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