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Mother Character Monologues

A collection of famous (and infamous) mother characters from throughout the history of theater.

Mother Character Monologue: Amanda Wingfield from The Glass Menagerie
Monologue from Amanda Wingfield, the mother character in Tennessee Williams "The Glass Menagerie."

Mother Character Monologue: Volumnia from "Coriolanus" by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare Monologue - Volumnia, mother of Coriolanus, begs her son to stop his attack on Rome. A great classic monologue for auditions!

Mother Character Monologue - Mama Rose from "Gypsy" by Stephen Sondheim
The lyrics to Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim's musical fable "Gypsy," can provide a compelling audition monologue for any actress who wants to play Broadway's most infamous "stage mom."

Mother Character Monologue - Queen Gertrude Monologue from Hamlet
During Act 3, Scene 4 of "Hamlet," Gertrude believes her son has gone mad. this monologue is actually a collection of smaller phrases which Gertrude states in between Hamlet's "ravings."

Mother Character Monologue - Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw
One of George Bernard Shaw's first plays, "Mrs. Warren's Profession," was highly controversial for its time. In this monologue, Mrs. Warren has revealed her profession: she runs several brothels!

Mother Character Monologue - Arkadina's Monologue The Seagull
Female Monologue from Anton Chekhov's tragic-comedy "The Seagull."

Mother Character Monologue - Medea's Monologue by Euripides
In one of the most chilling monologues in all of Greek Mythology, Medea seeks revenge against Jason (the father of her children) by stealing the lives of her offspring.

Mother Character Monologues

Traditionally, mothers are portrayed as nurturing individuals who love their children unconditionally. However, many playwrights have chosen to portray mothers as obnoxious, delusional, or downright devious.

Here is a collection of monologues from the most notorious Moms in the history of the stage:

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