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Seven Dramatic Monologues by Sophocles


Here is a collection of ancient yet profound dramatic speeches from The Oedipus Plays. Each dramatic monologue is ideal as a classical audition piece. Also, English students can use them as study resources for analyzing the characters.

Antigone’s Defiant Monologue:
This scene is my personal favorite. Antigone delivers this commanding speech, defying the laws of the king in order to follow her conscience.

Creon from Antigone:
In the play’s finale, the antagonistic Creon realizes that his stubbornness has led to his family’s demise. An intense, gut-wrenching monologue.

The Chorus from Oedipus at Colonus:
Greek Drama isn’t always dark and depressing. The Chorus' monologue is a peaceful and poetic monologue describing the mythic beauty of Athens.

Jocasta from Oedipus the King:
Here, the mother/wife of Oedipus Rex offers some psychiatric advice. Freud must have loved this speech!

Antigone’s End:
Towards the end of her young life, Antigone contemplates her actions and her fate.

Ismene from Antigone:

Antigone’s sister, Ismene, is often overlooked in student essays, which makes her a terrific topic to analyze! This dramatic monologue reveals the duplicitous nature of her character.

Oedipus the King:
A classic cathartic moment. Here, Oedipus realizes the wretched truth about himself, his parents, and the terrible power of fate.

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