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Monologues for Actors

The spotlight is on you. It's your chance to shine. Find the monologue that's perfect for you.
  1. "A Doll's House" Monologues (2)
  2. Comedy Female Monologues (23)
  3. Comedy Male Monologues (18)
  4. Monologues by Sophocles (9)
  5. Mother Characters (8)
  6. Poetic Monologues (4)

Seven Monologues for Young Females
Seven monologue recommendations for young female actors: Each piece is short in length—some as short as 45 seconds; some a bit longer.

"High Dive": The whole play is a monologue!
Audiences dive right into the play along with the actor on stage? How one playwright created a one-woman show with a supporting cast of 35.

Vampire Monologue #9: The Game Begins
The Vampire Monologues: The continuing story of teen vampires and the humans who fear them.

Vampire Monologue #8: Helena the Lost Innocent
Free to use Halloween drama skits and scenes. Vampire Monologue #7 is part of a longer theater project, written by Wade Bradford.

Vampire Monologue #7: Morgenroth Rules
The Vampire Monologues is an ongoing theater project written by Wade Bradford. Each monologue may be used as a stand-alone piece. However, if you combine the monologues together, a Gothic story with a creepy sense of humor unfolds. "The Vampire Monologues" takes place in the viewing room of the Morgernroth Mortuary.

Monologues by Aristophanes
Two monologues by Aristophanes: Lysistrata and The Knights.

The Juliet Monologues
The Best Juliet Monologues from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Teacher Monologues
Teacher Monologues: Classic vs. Rogerian

Romeo's Monologues
Romeo's Best Monologues. Is Romeo really in love?

Mercutio Monologues
The best scenes and monologues featuring Mercutio from "Romeo and Juliet"

Top Three Shakespeare Villains
A collectyion of the best dramatic speeches by Shakespeare's villains.

Vampire Monologue #5: Zever's Transformation
Part Five of "The Vampire Monologues," written by Wade Bradford. A free play for drama students and teachers.

Vampire Monologue #4: Zever the Clever
The fourth installment of "The Vampire Monologues" by Wade Bradford.

Spooky Camp Monologue
A monologue for a 40 - 60 year old female, written by Wade Bradford.

The Best Speeches from "Henry V"
The Top Three Dramatic Monologues from William Shakespeare's Henry the Fifth.

Best Non-Hamlet Monologues from "Hamlet"
Neither a borrower or a lender be. Read the best supporting character monologues from "Hamlet." Perfect for classical monologue performances.

The Vampire Monologues - #1 - The Welcome Speech
A funny monologue from The Vampire Monologues

Vampire Monologue #2 - Morgenroth the Ancient
The Vampire Monologues is an ongoing, original work by Wade Bradford. Morgenroth is the head vampire in this funny monologue for actresses.

Vampire MOnologue #6: Jordan the Loser
The ongoing series of monologues which tell the story of a human teen who infiltrates a vampire organization.

Joe's Monologue from "Great Expectations"
The novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens is filled with memorable characters from all sorts of economic classes. Joe Gargery is a blacksmith and the brother-in-law of the novel's main character, Pip. 

Rose's Monologue from "Tomorrow's Wish"
Dramatic Female Monologue - Rose's Monologue from "Tomorrow's Wish" - A serious role for women age 30 to early 50s.

Scrooge's Monologue
Scrooge's Monologue from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

Nina's Monologue from "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov
Chekhov's protagonist, Konstantin, has written an experimental play. His love interest, Nina, has agreed to perform this avante-garde piece. The monologue provides insight into Chekhov's view of modern theater.

Performing a Monologue for Drama Class
A guide to performing a monologue for drama class. How to perform a monologue: The assignment involves much more than simply reciting lines in front of the class. Most drama teachers expect a student to research the play, to develop a unique character, and to perform with confidence and control.

Scary Shakespeare Monologues
Creepy, scary Shakespeare monologues for women and men.

Vampire Monologue #3
Like a vampire soap opera, perhaps similar to Dark Shadows, The Vampire Monologues is the ongoing story of misfit vampires who seek shelter from the harsh human world. 

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