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"Man and Superman" by George Bernard Shaw

Drama resources for George Bernard Shaw's battle-of-the-sexes comedy, "Man and Superman." Explore the "Man and Superman" themes and characters.

"Man and Superman" Study Guide
This romantic comedy tells the story of two rivals: John Tanner (a wealthy, politically-minded intellectual who values his freedom) and Ann Whitefield (a charming, scheming hypocritical young woman who wants Tanner as a husband). Once Tanner realizes that Miss Whitefield is hunting for a spouse (and that he is the only target), he attempts to flee from her, only to find out that his attraction to Ann is too overwhelming to escape.

Plot Summary of "Man and Superman" Act Two
Plot summary and analysis of "Man and Superman" (Act Two) by George Bernard Shaw.

"Man and Superman" - Act Three
Synopsis of "Man and Superman" - Act Three. Characters, themes, and symbols in "Don Juan in Hell" the dream sequence in G. B. Shaw's comedy play.

"Man and Superman" - Act Four
Plot summary of Man and Superman. Character analysis of Jack Tanner and Ann Whitefield.

Themes and Concepts in "Man and Superman" by George Bernard Shaw
This theme analysis of "Man and Superman" provides a helpful study tool for anyone trying to understand the philosophy behind George Bernard Shaw's play. The concept of Shaw's Superman is similar to the Ubermensche originally conceived by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Characters and Themes of "Man and Superman"
Sample of a well-crafted student-written essay by Elliot Staudt. The essay analyzes the themes found in George Bernard Shaw's play, Man and Superman. It explores Nietzsche's philosophy and the political goelas of the Fabian Society.

Scene from "Man and Superman" (Act Four)
Two person scene from George Bernard Shaw's "Man and Superman." Ann Whitefield and Jack Tanner argue over whether or not they will be married.

"Talkin Broadway" Review of "Man and Superman"
Review of California Shakespeare Theater's production of "Man and Superman" by George Bernard Shaw.

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