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What is an "Ask For"?

Getting Suggestions from the Audience


"Ask Fors" are requests for suggestions from the audience. Improv actors receive some of their best material when the crowd shouts out simple, zany, and/or creative ideas.

Typical Ask Fors include questions such as, “Can I get a location?” or “Can I get an occupation?” However, they can be much more unusual and inventive. Once the audience suggestion is accepted, an improvised scene can begin. Performers utilize the audience’s “ask-for” and do their best to generate characters, conflict, and laughter.

Would you like to create some Ask Fors of your own? Try this: Write a list of words from A to Z. (Ex: Animal, Body, Career, Dinner, Etc.). Then, create sentences or questions which ask information from a potential audience.

Here’s my list of Ask-Fors:

An animal you would not expect to find in an apartment?

A part of the human body?

A poor career choice?

A historical figure you would like to invite for dinner?

A celebrity you would not want to meet in an elevator?

A product known for false advertising?

A board game?

The worst location for a resort hotel?

A brand new invention?

The punch-line of a really corny joke?

A person you would not expect to be a karate instructor?

A foreign language?

The first thing you would buy after winning the lotto?

Fill in the blank: “I am a professor of (BLANK) – ology.”

A person you would not want to meet at a nude beach?

A phobia?

A topic for a pop-quiz?

An unlikely subject for a rap song?

A really cool super power?

A title of a television show?

An occupation that requires a uniform?

The wrong place to take a date on Valentine’s Day?

A place you would not expect to find a weather man?

Something you would not find in an X-Ray?

The name of a yoga position?

The name of the new exhibit at the zoo?

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