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Improvisation Games

A collection of improvisational games. Each one develops a performer's creativity and quick-thinking skills. Ideal for theater students and seasoned actors.

Improv Sing Along Games
A list of music improv games including some favorite games from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Improv Interview Games
Interview-based improv games and activities.

Improv Olympics
Four new improvisation games, all of them perfect for Olympic Season! Easy to learn improv games.

Narrative Improv Games
An improvisation activity that helps actors tell stories and develop characters.

Hi-Tech Improv Games
A collection of technology / media themed improvisation activities. Fun drama games for students and performers.

Time Travel Improv Games
Time Travel Improv Games - Non Linear Improvisation Activities - intermediate improv scenes involving shifts in time / non-linear narratives.

Sound FX Improv Game
Sound FX Improv Game - Improvising Sound Effects: An improvisational drama activity that involves actors generating impromptu sound effects for fellow performers.

DVD Improv Game
DVD Improv Game is a fun improvisation game for improv performers who want to create a funny, high energy scene. It's a good activity for a short improv, or for the longer "Harold" improv form.

Dictionary Improv Game
To play Dictionary Improv, a moderator first selects a setting. Flipping through the dictionary, the moderator can glance at the guide words in the upper corner. The moderator does not need to choose the very first word she sees, but the first word that can function as a location or a setting.

Storytelling Improv Games
A collection of improvisation activities and theater games involving storytelling.

"Santa's Lap" - Christmas Improv Game
"Santa's Lap" - Christmas Improv Game - Holiday Drama Activity and Improvisation with Santa Claus and other characters.

Improv Game: Sit, Stand, Lean
A very phsyical and very funny improv game involving three performers.

Improv : Hogwarts Style
Improv - Hogwarts Style - Harry Potter Theater Games and Sketch Comedy. Perfect for anyone who wants to spoof Harry Potter and other fantasy adventure characters.

What is an "Ask For"?
Ask Fors are requests for suggestions from the audience. Improv actors receive some of their best material when the crowd shouts out simple, zany, and/or creative ideas. Here's a list of original ask fors.

Yes And - Improv Game
The improv game "Yes And" follows a vital rule of improvisational theater: Never deny your fellow actor. Instead, you should be willing and able to accept the ideas the character conveys.

Competitive Improv Games
Competitive Improv Games - Theater Games for Improv Actors

Superhero Improv Games
Learn about these three fun, easy-to-perform improv games. Each improvisation scene involves superhero characters. It's a great way to combine comedy and comic books!

Indiana Jones Improv
An improv game / improvisation exercise that spoofs the Indiana Jones movies.

The Harold - Long Form Improv Game
The Harold is a Long form improv game that can last from 10 to 45 minutes (or beyond)! If done well, this improv game can be absolutely mesmerizing. A terrific drama actiity for students or seasoned actors.

Improv Game - Genre Switching
Improvisation game - perfect drama activity for improv actors who want to play around with different genres / styles of storytelling. Ideal for anyone seeking an easy, fun improv game.

Improv Game: "Off - Script"
This amusing improvisation game involves one performer with a script and a second performer with a wild imagination.

Improv Game: Taxi Cab
An amusing, high-energy improvisation activity for ages 7 to 99. (Well, okay, I guess one-hundred year olds can play too!)

Multi-Scene Improvisation
How to play four square, improv games.

Encyclopedia of Improv Games
A wonderful resource for actors, teachers, and students. It offers helpful advice as well as nearly 400 different ideas for improv games.

Improvisation Game: Freeze Tag
This improvisation activity is a terrific theatrical exercise for performers at any level.

60 Second Fairy Tales
For a good exercise in impromptu storytelling, try performing a well known fairy tale in one minute flat. Drama classes and acting troupes alike can use the “60 Second Fairy Tale” to sharpen improvisational skills. It's also a great game for families and kids.

Improvisation Game: "Foreign Film"
In this improvisation activity two onstage actors ask the audience for a location. Once a setting has been selected, the scene can begin. The onstage actors speak in a fabricated language.

Improv Game: Surprise Guests
A fun improv game, great for drama students or party-goers.

Improv Games for Kids
This professional Improvisation Group provides a short but worthy list of impromptu drama games, ideal for young performers.

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