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Death of a Salesman

Explore the characters, themes, and plot devices within Arthur Miller's classic drama, "Death of a Salesman."

Linda Loman: The Wife in "Death of a Salesman"
Arthur Miller’s "Death of a Salesman" has been described as an American tragedy. I wholeheartedly agree with that classification, but perhaps it isn’t the blustery, senile salesman Willy Loman who experiences tragedy. Instead, maybe the real tragedy befalls his wife, Linda Loman.

"Death of a Salesman" -- Plot Summary
What happens in Death of a Salesman? Plot Summary of Arthur MIller's Death of a Salesman -- part of the "Death of a Salesman" study guide.

The American Dream in "Death of a Salesman"
An analysis of the themes in "Death of a Salesman." How does Arthur Miller portray the American Dream in "Death of a Salesman"?

Character Analysis: Willy Loman from "Death of a Salesman"
Character Analysis of Willy Loman - Essays about "Death of a Salesman" have been assigned to high school students for years. Why, because the character of Willy Loman is endlessly fascinating. Learn what motivates Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman."

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