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Comedic Male Monologues

A collection of comedic monologues for male performers.

Comedy Monologue from "Shakespeare in Shambles"
Shakespeare has not been writing his own plays. In fact, he has been allowing the Queen of England to write them for him. She gets the pleasure of writing great works of art, he gets to be the figure head so that Elizabeth remains anonymous.

Elf Monologue

David's Monologue
In this comedic monologue for male actors, David Pomerville, a man in his late forties, tries to win back his estranged wife. This humorous monologue comes from the play "Tomorrow's Wish." Actors and students are free to use this for auditions and performance pieces.

Cyrano Romances Roxanne - Romantic Monologue for Male Actors
In this romantic monologue for a male actor, Cyrano de Bergerac professes his love for the beautiful Roxanne. And she happily returns that love. The only problem? Cyrano is pretending to be the handsome soldier Christian. He hides in the shadows below her balcony and delivers this vividly desciptive monologue about the power of love. If only he had the courage to reveal himself! but of cour…

Cyrano's Speech - Comedic Monologue from "Cyrano de Bergerac"
In this classic comedic monologue, Cyrano de Bergerac, the romantic hero with the unusually large nose, is at the theater. He has just bullied a blustering actor off of the stage. The audience is very upset with Cyrano, and a wealthy viscount stands up and declares, Sir, you have a very big nose! Cyrano is unimpressed with the insult, and in this monologue he provides examples of humorou…

"Santa's Reply" - Christmas-Themed Comedic Male Monologue
In this comedic male monologue, Santa replies to Mrs. Claus, as he desperately tries to win back her heart. Perfect for actors and students looking to perform a funny Christmas themed monologue.

Dante's Revenge - Comedic Monologue from "Promedy"
Dante's Revenge - Comedic Monologue from "Promedy" - a perfect rehearsal or audition piece for teens and young male actors looking for a funny monolog.

Prom Date Monologue - Comedic Monologue for Male Actors
This comedic monologue is taken from "Promedy" a teen-age comedy about Senior Prom.

Trigorin's Monologue from "The Seagull"
Chekhov's play "The Seagull" explores the somber lives of artists, servants, and lost souls. This monologue explores what it means to be a so-called famous writer.

Heck's Comic Monologue - Comedic Male Monologue
In this comedic male monologue from "Cowboys and Idiots", two cowboys wander through the desert on a quest for revenge. Along the way, they get terribly lost and fill the time discussing their views on the mixed up world they live in.

Comedic Male Monologue - Narrator from "Conflict" by Wade Bradford
This comedic monologue looks at how audiences crave hardship for the main characters in plays and stories, the narrator provides an example of a “boring” story without conflict.

Comedic Male Monologue - Ishmael from "JT and the Pirates"
This comedic male monologue from "JT and the Pirates" a salty old sea-dog sets up the tale of a comic adventure about pirates who travel to a modern day junior high school.

Comedic Male Monologue - Romeo's Monologue from Spoof "Romeo Revised"
"Romeo Revised" is a ten-minute play spoofs the ending of Shakespeare�s Romeo and Juliet. It turns out that Romeo and Juliet survive their suicide attempts, only to discover they both have amnesia.

Comedic Male Monologue - Ernie from "Mermaid in Miami"
In this comic monologue, a kindly fisherman sets up the story for this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid.

Comedic Male Monologue - Emperor Tropico from "Mermaid in Miami"
Funny monologue from "Mermaid in Miami." In this comic scene, the villain Tropico is the angry, power hungry father of a beautiful, free-spirited mermaid who has dared to escape from his tyrannical rule. (Think Fidel Castro with Mermaid flippers!)

Comedic Male Monologue - Mummy Character from "Tuesdays with Mummy"
In "Tuesdays with Mummy," a bumbling scientist stumbles across a disgruntled mummy in an Egyptian tomb. Comedy and Halloween hi-jinks ensue in this comedic male monologue.

Comedic Male Monologues

Each of these original comedic monologues may be used by students, actors, directors for educational and theatrical purposes.

Kicking Out The Roommates - Comedic Monologue for Men
In this comedic male monologue from a Wade Bradford script called "The Roommates," Ben is all by himself, staring into the mirror, trying to figure out how to tell his roommates of fifteen years that he does not want them around any more.

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