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Theatre Basics and Advice

Actors, drama students, instructors, and theater lovers will find essential drama resources here. This section provide guides to auditioning, line memorization, and stage direction. English students will also find resources for studying and writing about dramatic literature.
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Should I Major in Theater?
Users respond to the question: Should actors go to college? Should they major in theater or earn a degree in another field of study.

Curtain Call: Dos and Don'ts
How to create a curtain call. Curtain call: dos and don'ts.

Drama Class for Tweens
A guide to teaching drama class for 2nd through 5th grade. Most students this age are very outgoing and wildly imaginative. Make use of these qualities, and praise the students whenever they exhibit creativity.

Stage Directions - Stage Left, Stage Right, Upstage and Downstage
How do you tell the difference between stage right and stage left? Upstage and downstage? Here is a handy diagram that clearly details the different stage directions.

Play Publishing Companies for Drama Teachers
Drama Teacher Resources - Play Publishing Companies for Drama Teachers

Creating Stage Directions: "Blocking a Play"
What is Blocking? - How to Block a Show - Stage Directions - A Guide to directing a play.

Find the Right Children’s Theater Workshop for Your Kids
Youth theater or Children's Theatre Workshops can provide a terrific experience for kids, if the parents can find the right workshop. Find out all you need to know about Children's Theater Workshops.

5 Reasons to Support Your Local Playhouse
Community theaters offer opportunities to young talent, teach vital skills, and build community spirit.

How To Cry - An Actors Guide to Crying and Tears
Learn how to cry on cue. Tricks actors use to produce tears. There are different ways to cry while on stage or in a film. Learn different crying techniques.

Open Scenes, Continued

Setting the Stage for Successful Classroom Dramas
Two Recommendations: 1. Emphasize that Participation in Drama = Agreeing to Pretend 2. Dramatize the Effects of Unsupportive Behaviors

Tableau Excellence

Elevating the Dialogue in a Tableau
Elevating the dialogue in a Tableau provides an authentic purpose for using and speaking the meaningful words connected to a text or an area of study.

12 Costume Shop Survival Tips for Actors
Actors who want costumes that work well on stage should know how to work well with the people who make them.

Taking a Child to the Theatre: Enjoying the Performance
Once you have chosen the show, prepared your child, and arrived at the theatre, what else do you and your child need to know about attending live theatre?

Taking a Child to the Theatre: Preparing for the Performance
Your child is ready to attend the theatre and you have bought your tickets. How can you prepare your child for the theatrical experience?

Taking a Child to the Theatre: Choosing a Performance
What should you consider before taking a child to a big production meant for an audience of both adults and young people?

Eight Scenes for High School and College Actors from “I and You”

Stage Combat

Story Theatre
Story Theatre is the creative dramatic presentation of one or more stories told by a group of actors who play multiple roles and provide narration.

Baby Theatre
Live theatre in which children can make noise, wiggle, ask questions, go up on stage, touch props and costumes, and dance with the actors? Yes!

“Next!” An Improv Theatre Game
If you need a quick-paced improv exercise that is terrific for large groups and allows for participation by many players try “Next!”

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