1. Education

Acting Essentials

Acting Essentials and Advice for drama students. Learn how to memorize lines, understand stage directions, and improve your theater skills.

The Stanislavsky Method
A brief overview of Constantine Stanislavsky's life and acting instruction. He developed a unique method of acting still studied and practiced today.

Acting Tips: How to Laugh
Acting Tips: How to Laugh Naturally on Stage. How actors laugh on camera and in theater.

How Do You Deal with Rejection?
Actors respond to the question: "How do you deal with rejection?" When you don't get the part or when you fail at the audition, how do you react?

Books About the Theatre - Reader Reviews
Review a Theatre Book - Share Your Opinions About Theater-Related BooksSee submissions

How Do I Join the Screen Actors Guild?
How Do I Join the Screen Actors Guild? How to Get a SAG Card. This article explains how to become a professional actor. How to work with casting directors and land auditions. It also discusses the best ways to work as a background actor or an extra in movies and television.

Actors: How Do You Develop Your Character?
Stage actors spend weeks, sometimes months rehearsing their lines and learning their blocking. But how do they go about developing their characters? Users share their stories and experiences.

Audition Tips
A queasy feeling settles into your stomach. You are surrounded by a group of gossiping men and women who sip cafe mochas while complimenting each other's headshots. Suddenly, the casting director calls your number. "What monologue will you be reading for us today?" she asks.

"Oh, sorry," you reply. "I didn't know I was supposed to bring one." Her annoyed expression tells you everything. Yo…

Stage Directions - Stage Left, Stage Right, Upstage and Downstage
How do you tell the difference between stage right and stage left? Upstage and downstage? Here is a handy diagram that clearly details the different stage directions.

How to Memorize Lines
How do those actors and actresses memorize hundreds of lines? How does someone learn all of those fancy Shakespearean lines in Hamlet? Memorizing lines takes practice and constant repetition. However, there are a few ways to make the memorization process run smoother and quicker.

Cold Reading During an Audition
Learn how to cold read from a script during an audition.

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