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Theater Basics: Enunciation Exercises - Plays/Drama - About.com
No vocal warm-up is complete without reciting a few enunciation exercises. With that in mind, I present 26 fundamentally fun tongue twisters. Each one provides ...
Vocal Ranges Guide (How to Determine My Range) - How to Sing
To find your total vocal range, use your favorite vocal warm up and sing it as high and ... A simple vocal warm up that will help is the five note scale going up and ...
A Cheerleaders Voice - Using Your Voice in Cheerleading
You'll get more projection power and last longer if you warm up your voice. ... Cheering can put a lot of strain on your throat and your vocal cords, but what is a  ...
8 Vocal Exercises That Mix Registers - How to Sing - About.com
Prevent Your Voice From Cracking With These Vocal Exercises ... Slur up The Scale: Sing a chromatic scale (a scale made up of half notes) going up. Sing on ...
Acting in Plays, Singing: warm up for male belter, upper registers ...
Dec 21, 2006 ... what are some good warm-up/practice techniques that i can work on a daily ... chord voicing, vocal technique, and presentation of choral works.
Voice Exercises - How to Sing - About.com
Singers in all stages use vocal exercises to “warm-up” the voice and master vocal technique. Apply what you learn about singing by practicing vocal exercises to ...
Opera: Re: About vocal exercises, vocal exercises, bass baritone
Jun 17, 2004 ... vocal exercises, bass baritone, warm up exercises: Feliciano, A couple of warm up exercises are: a five note scale up & back on EE, AH, ...
Acting in Plays, Singing: Aladdin Audition, reflection mulan, part of ...
Oct 17, 2005 ... Make sure you do a vocal warm-up before learning any new material and, especially, before you got to the audition. Most sincerely,
4 Elements of a Good Voice Lesson - How to Sing - About.com
Vocal Exercises and Vocal Technique: Even if a student has already warmed up, somewhere in the lesson a vocal exercise should be used in order to solidify ...
For Christian Vocalists - Christian Music/Gospel - About.com
Tips and techniques, warm up drills and range exercises are just a few of the ... well as the ability to purchase her C.O.R.E. Vocal Power program for those of you  ...
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