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Interview Improvisation - Plays/Drama - About.com
In this improvisation, the host and contestant are typically straight characters. Most of the humor/inventiveness usually stems from the three bachelor characters.
Improv Games - Plays/Drama - About.com
A collection of improvisational games. Each one develops a performer's creativity and quick-thinking skills. Ideal for theater students and seasoned actors.
Improvisation Game - Foreign Film - Plays/Drama - About.com
In this improvisation activity two onstage actors ask the audience for a location. Once a setting has been selected, the scene can begin. The onstage actors ...
Free Jazz and Free Improvisation: What's the Difference? - About.com
A brief look into what free jazz and free improvisation are, how they differ, and how they influence the jazz landscape today.
Multi-Scene Improvisation - Plays/Drama - About.com
When I think of improvisation, the word "fast-paced" comes to mind. To excel at improv, one must be quick to respond, quick to invent. Also, scenes happen fast.
Improv Game - Indiana Jones Improvisation Theater Game
An improv game / improvisation exercise that spoofs the Indiana Jones movies.
Competitive Improv Theater Games for Improv Actors - Plays/Drama
Most improvisational activities are guided by a very loose format. Actors might be given a location or a situation in which to create a scene. For they most part, ...
Time Travel Improv Games - Non Linear Improvisation Activities
Time Travel Improv Games - Non Linear Improvisation Activities - intermediate improv scenes involving shifts in time / non-linear narratives.
Drama Activities - Improv Games from Beginner to Expert
Beginner Improv Games: Once the ice is broken and the performers are warmed up, an improvisation exercise can be a great way to develop unique characters ...
Glossary of music term - improvisation - Music Education - About.com
Glossary of music terms. Definition of the musical term improvisation.
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