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Interview Improvisation - Plays and Drama - About.com
In this improvisation, the host and contestant are typically straight characters. Most of the humor/inventiveness usually stems from the three bachelor characters.
Improv Games - Plays and Drama - About.com
A collection of improvisational games. Each one develops a performer's creativity and quick-thinking skills. Ideal for theater students and seasoned actors.
Narrative Improv Games - Plays and Drama - About.com
A narrative-based improvisation is any drama activity that emphasizes story- telling and character development. They are often (but not always) long form ...
Free Jazz and Free Improvisation: What's the Difference? - About.com
A brief look into what free jazz and free improvisation are, how they differ, and how they influence the jazz landscape today.
Glossary of comedy terms - comedy term Improvisation - Comedians
Improvisation is a type of comedy (or acting) where there is no script; it is free- form and requires the performers to make up dialogue and situations as they go ...
Glossary of music term - improvisation - Music Education - About.com
Glossary of music terms. Definition of the musical term improvisation.
Survival Improvisation: Craft Improvised Tools and Gear - About.com
Learn the art of survival improvisation--creating tools out of available items in order to aid survival--by thinking of new uses for common items.
Learn to Play and Improvise Guitar Solos - About.com
n this two-part series on learning the basics of improvising, we study how to play a blues scale, plus go over basic techniques like note bending, and vibrato.
Competitive Improv Theater Games for Improv Actors
Most improvisational activities are guided by a very loose format. Actors might be given a location or a situation in which to create a scene. For they most part, ...
Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan - List of ...
They may even let you participate. To help you find your best sense-of-humor fit, here is a list of Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan: ...
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