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1900s Timeline (1900-1909) - 20th Century History
A detailed history timeline of the first decade of the twentieth century, from 1900 to 1909.
Collecting Vintage Postcards from the Early 1900s - Antiques
In the early 1900s, people communicated by post and often through colorful vintage postcards. Learn more about these collectibles through an article by Pamela ...
Post-Impressionism (1880s-1900s) - Art History Period
How Long Was Post-Impressionism a Movement? Mid-1880s to early 1900s ( including the Fauves as a Post-Impressionist Movement) ...
The History of the Electric Blanket - Inventors - About.com
The first crude electric blanket was invented in the early 1900s. The heated bed coverings bore little resemblance to the electric blankets we are familiar with ...
Early 1900s Shoes - About.com
Check out these early 1900s shoes, as well as the rest of this Vintage Shoes Photo Gallery.
Vintage Cat Postcards - Cat Postcards from the Early 1900s - Antiques
A collection of vintage cat postcards from the early 1900s.
Sending Children by Parcel Post - A True Story - 20th Century History
Jun 26, 2008 ... It's never easy traveling with children and often it can be expensive. In the early 1900s, some people decided cut costs by mailing their children ...
IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Testing: Brief History
During the early 1900s, the French government asked psychologist Alfred Binet to help decide which students were mostly likely to experience difficulty in ...
Vintage Valentine Postcards from the Early 1900s
Vintage valentine postcards are as much fun to view today as they were to receive in the early 1900s.
Free Dolls Clip Art - Photo of Toddler, Early 1900s - Doll Collecting
Dolls Clip Art, from your About.com Guide: denise van patten free dolls clip art dolls clip art free clip art art photo.
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