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Plays/Drama - Overview of Theater
The guide to all things theater: Classic and contemporary plays, acting and audition tips, theater history, profile of playwrights.
Drama Activities - Plays/Drama - About.com
Advice for drama teachers and directors working with a large cast. A reader asks: Any suggestions for what I can get those with smaller parts to do while they are ...
Drama Activities - Improv Games from Beginner to Expert
Ice Breakers: These are ideal drama activities to help the participants get to know one another in a friendly, low-key environment. They can also provide a nice ...
Drama Queen Quiz - Are You a Drama Queen?
This ten question quiz taking note of your reactions to a variety of situations will determine whether or not you are a true drama queen.
Advice for Drama Teachers - Rehearsal Activities - Plays/Drama
Recently, I received a message in our Plays / Drama forum. I thought I would share it with you because it touches upon an issue many directors and drama ...
What Does Relationship Drama Mean? - Dating - About.com
With regards to a relationship, drama refers to the emotional upheaval or turbulence felt in a relationship on an episodic level that has no resolution.
Drama Activities - Circle Ice Breakers - Plays/Drama - About.com
These improvisation activities are designed to warm up actors and drama students. Participants form a circle and then the games begin. Each activity helps  ...
Theatre Basics and Advice - Plays/Drama - About.com
Actors, drama students, instructors, and theater lovers will find essential drama resources here. This section provide guides to auditioning, line memorization, ...
5 Creative Ways to Analyze Plays - Student Involvement - Plays/Drama
Creative classroom activities designed for English / Drama students to analyze plays through creative writing, performing, Myspace pages, verbal debate, and ...
How to Read & Enjoy a Play - Drama - Classic Literature - About.com
When you think about a play, you probably think about going to watch the drama being acted out upon the stage, but plays were originally written down by the ...
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