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"Run for Your Wife"

By December 10, 2012

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In both real life and fiction, there are a long list of lecherous, womanizing characters who sleep stray away from the loving embrace of their faithful wives.  In some cases, such as A Streetcar Named Desire's Stanley Kowalski, the male lead is a brute, in others he is a sweet talking Casanova.  However, in Run for Your Wife, the lead character is a humble taxi cab driver who simply has a difficult time saying "no."  And because of his easy-going attitude, he winds up leading a double life with two wives.

Seemingly ordinary John Smith would have probably kept up his duplicitous lifestyle indefinitely if it weren't for the fact that he tries to rescue an old lady from a pair of muggers.  He receives a head injury as a result, and a subsequent inquiry from the police, who then begin to dig around, asking more and more questions.

If the authorities find out he has two wives, Mr. Smith will find himself in tremendous trouble, both legal and marital.  Ray Cooney's silly yet lively comedy is very British and very fun.  The script and performance rights are available through Samuel French.


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